Industrial Unit of Animal Feed

Copagril has two industrial units of feed for the livestock production. One of them, located in Entre Rios do Oeste, is responsible for all the food production consumed by birds which are slaughtered by the Poultry Slaughterhouse of Copagril.With production capacity of 70 tons per hour, in 2015, the Industrial Unit of Feed for birds, was approved on the rule IN 65 of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA),which ensures the feed quality and the production safety. Copagril is thefirst one to obtain this approval at Parana State.

Therefore, all the birds slaughtered in the Poultry Slaughterhouse of Copagril are raised under the same nutritionalstandard, ensuring the good origin and quality of the carcasses.

Copagril Unidad Industrial de Raciones
Sede Administrativa
Rua Nove de Agosto, 700
Marechal Cândido Rondon - PR
CEP: 85960-000

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