The production of broilers was started as one more option of activity to the farmer associate of Copagril. Even starting recently, it became one of the most important activities of Copagril, and already represents approximately 35% of the total revenue of the company.

The birds slaughtered in the Poultry Slaughterhouse are from the integration system of Copagril, where poultry farmers associates at Copagril are responsible for the growing and development of the alive birds. The growing process occurs in air-conditioned and automated aviaries, with temperature, feeding and humidity control. All the precepts of the animal welfare are respected, which results healthy chicken, stress free and free of others disturbs.

All aviaries are supervised by veterinarians, zoo technicians and technicians poultry production specialists. Therefore, the poultry farmers have professional technical support, with information about management, nutrition and health.

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